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For every 10 bags of “Monty & Me” food bought by our customers, JMH Pet Food and Biltong.mu will each donate a bag to one of our 4 incredible animal charities.

As part of the VANPOT HOLDINGS Group, Biltong.mu shares the vision to Inspire Change.

We are a proudly Mauritian company and strive to improve not only the shopping experience of our customers on the island, but also to make a difference to those that have no voice – the countless homeless animals that reside here.

The plight of these animals is a cause that we are very passionate about and that we know we share with many of our customers. We have partnered with our friends at JMH Pet Food and are proud to bring you our Biltong.mu cares with Montego programme.

JMH Pet Food are the exclusive distributors of the Montego Pet Food Brand in Mauritius and supply us with the wonderful selection of dog & cat kibble, wet food and treats available in our Pet Nutrition category.

Now, by simply buying any of the Montego “Monty & Me” dog or cat dry food range, you will be supporting our 4 selected charities located throughout Mauritius.
It’s that simple because for every 10 bags of food purchased, JMH Pet Food will donate a bag and Biltong,mu will match this and donate a bag too. Our dedicated team of drivers will then deliver these donations to the charities every month.

Together we can feed more homeless animals, alleviate some pressure from these hard-working organisations to see more tails wagging and hear more purrs.