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Candy Café


Purveyor of fine, imported candies and stockist of a limited range of Biltong.mu products.

We strive to source unique Sweet and Gift products from only the best local and international suppliers, to ensure top quality and ultra-delicious items that meet the needs of our customers with a sweet tooth.

We offer a wide variety of candy, gummies and chocolates that cater for all taste buds, including sour, decadent, nostalgic and whacky. We bring in seasonal products for those special times of year, that require something a little different or extra tasty.

Our physical stores offer a unique “pick ‘n mix” section that allows you to choose from a selection of yummy flavours and candy categories, like hard, soft, sweet, sour and SO much more. In addition, we have a popcorn machine at Bagatelle Mall for freshly popped perfection.

Treat yourself at our Candy Café!



Operating Hours
Monday to Thursday: 09.30 to 20.30
Friday & Saturday: 09.30 to 22.00
Sunday: 09.30 to 15.00

Telephone Number
+230 468 8463