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BILTONG.MU cares with The Charity Centre

The Charity Centre was founded in 2013 with the aim to provide:

• Help and raise money for those in need : kids, adults, animals and the environment.

• Raise awareness on the importance of using second hands items and reduce waste around the island.

How does it work?

People come and donate their items (clothes, toys, decorative objects, etc…) which are still in good condition.

The Charity Centre’s team which is mostly made up of volunteers, is responsible for the sorting and the pricing of those articles to be sold at affordable price.

Who and what do we support with the money raised?

The money raised is donated to different NGOs that meet our goals in helping:

• Underprivileged kids and adults by granting them the opportunity to receive an education and take part in activities which will help them stay away from the dangers of society.

• To reduce the number of strays by organising sterilisation campaigns, providing treatments and food donations for dogs and cats around the island.

• People with handicap by providing special equipment.

• The environment by keeping Mauritius clean.

List of NGOs we help :
– le pond du Tamarinier
– Kolektif Rivière Nwar
– Cheshire home
– community of Bel Ombre
– anges du soleil
– some families around
– Rescue Animal in Distress
– indies World
– happy tails
– well being of strays
– healing hearts
– All life matters
– paws
– some rescuers

This Festive Season, join us in our Food Drive, by placing non-perishable items into our Charity Collection Trolley situated at the front of each of our stores. Give what you can and join the fight against hunger!

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