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Monty & Me – Essential Dog (Adult) 20kg

Quality protein and fat levels make Monty & Me taste great and help keep dogs strong, healthy and in tip-top condition.
An ideal blend of essential nutrients, vitamins and mineral levels provide dogs with all the energy needed for play and maintained health.
Wholegrains are not only satisfying; they provide all-day energy while keeping doggy’s digestive system happy and healthy too.
They’ll always look great, thanks to added essential fatty acids, which ensure healthy skin and a soft, shiny coat.

20kg bag

When you buy “Monty & Me” from Biltong.mu, you support our Biltong.mu cares for Animals initiative and help to feed the homeless animals of Mauritius! For every 10 bags of “Monty & Me” food bought by our customers, JMH Pet Food and Biltong.mu will each donate a bag to one of our 4 incredible animal charities.


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