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  • Ease (9/10)
  • Time (15/60 min)
  • Servings (8/10)
  • Heat Index (2/10)
This Biltong-inspired twist on the traditional tapas-style snack, Bruschetta, is quick to prepare and impress!

Serves up to 8.



300g BEEF BILTONG SLICED (medium, chili)

2x Baguettes (Pain Ancienne)

1x Medium Camembert Cheese

1x Large Red Onion

25ml Olive Oil

2 pinches of Salt

50ml Balsamic Vinegar

75g Sugar


1. Slice the Baguette in rings 3 to 4cm thick.

2. Peel the Onion and slice into rings.

3. Slice the Camembert Cheese into slices 1 to 2cm thick.



1. Toast the Baguette rings on a baking tray under an oven grill until lightly brown.

2. Fry the Onion rings in the Olive Oil and add two pinches of Salt until browned.

3.  Add the Balsamic vinegar to Onions in your frying pan.

4. Add the Sugar to caramelise your Onions.  Fry until Sugar crystals melt to a syrup and remove from heat.

5. Place Camembert slices on top of the toasted Baguette rings.

6. Spoon a teaspoon of caramelised Onions over the Camembert slices (which will lightly melt the Camembert slices.

7.  Place a few slices of BEEF BILTONG SLICES on top of the caramelised onion.

8. Garnish your presentation plate with greens, balsamic reduction and remaining BEEF BILTONG SLICES.

Serve and enjoy!


Notes from Richard & Louise

This is a great snack to serve as an appetiser before a meal or as tapas-style snacks at a social event.

We have found this very snack to be incredibly handy after a day out and not having much time to prepare snacks before guests arrive – and being complemented for it!  We have also found this to be a very handy snack to advance-prepare and serve when spending a day on the boat with friends.

This snack can be enjoyed all year round, and is recommended for any occasion.

We often enjoy this with a nice cold Rosé as  a day snack or a Red Wine in the evening.