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We’re constantly driven to ensure that our products are part of our customer’s everyday lives, as well as celebrations and big occasions.

We have put together some delicious recipes from our team to inspire you to try some recommended ways of preparing your meat, along with some tasty suggestions for complimentary dishes and scrumptious desserts that make use of well-known island flavours.

We look forward to having you share your favourite recipes with us and expanding  this page, as we learn, share and cook together.

Cremora TartOnly use fresh lemon juice otherwise it will not set. Cherries, strawberries or citrus fruits make lovely garnish too.
Easy Chickpea DipAdd some Tabasco sauce for a delicious zing. You might want to double-up on the recipe, it’s moreish! 😋
Steak SaladGreat for hot summer days as a main meal or to share as a starter portion.