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Avocado, Papaya & Mango Salad with Ginger Dressing

Yields6 ServingsPrep Time20 minsTotal Time20 mins

You can make the dressing ahead of time and store in a jar in the fridge for up to 4 days

 2 Ripe Avocados, Sliced
 1 Ripe Papaya, cubed
 1 Ripe Mango, Chopped
 30 g Coriander Leaves
 150 g Cherry or Plum Tomatoes, Cut in halves
 ½ Small Red Onion, Sliced Finely
 ½ Cucumber, Cut into half moons
 75 g Salted Roasted Peanuts, For Garnishing
 2 ½ cm Piece of Ginger Root, Grated
 1 tbsp Rice Vinegar or Cider Vinegar
 1 ½ tbsp Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
 1 tbsp Lemon Juice
 ½ tsp Cayenne Pepper
 ½ tsp Wholegrain / Dijon mustard (optional)
How do we do this

Mix all the salad ingredients together in a bowl or place on a platter, reserving a little coriander for garnishing


Mix all the dressing ingredients together and drizzle over the salad


Scatter the peanuts and remaining coriander on top

Nutrition Facts

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