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Dessert Braai Cones

Yields10 ServingsPrep Time10 minsCook Time15 minsTotal Time25 mins

Cooking on a gas braai is faster.
Great for kids parties!

 Sugar ice cream cones
 Marshmallows (mini ones if available, otherwise chopped into 4)
 Bar One chocolates / Snickers, chopped into smaller pieces
 Strawberries, chopped into quarters
 White chocolate bar, broken into blocks
 Jelly tots / smarties / whispers
How do we do this?

Put individual ingredients into bowls


Fill the sugar ice cream cone with your selection of ingredients


Wrap entire cone in tin foil


Option 1: Cook on a charcoal braai – use a rack over cooled coals but avoid any flames as it’ll burn quickly and burnt chocolate is disappointing. Turn frequently with braai tongs and be patient, as these are best when the contents have melted evenly


Option 2: Cook on a gas braai – use 2 burners on a 3-burner gas braai to ensure that it gets warm, but there are no flames directly under the cones. Turn several times to ensure even melting


Unwrap the foil and enjoy! Caution – contents can be hot!

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