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Authentic Biltong. Where the tradition started.

Biltong is an authentic traditional South African delicacy, with its roots dating back hundreds of years to where the settlers crossed the vast South African landscape and devised ways to preserve their meat.  So was born Biltong.  Back in those days, early ‘Biltong’ was primarily preserved in salt, and mostly comprised of game meat.

Over the years, the art of making Biltong developed to become a delicacy synonymous with South African.

What is Biltong made from?

Most Biltong is made from Beef, using the same cuts that are typically sold as steaks.  Biltong can also be made from some types of venison.

Most of our Biltong is made from Beef.  We clearly indicate the type of meat in the description of our products.

Look out for our hunting season venison Biltong.

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